Real Estate Investments in Lebanon

Why invest in Real Estate

Over a long period, real estate always showed a considerable profitability. In spite of political tensions, this market did not stop valuing these last years.
On the contrary, interest rates have been dropping and some say they may drop further. The stone remains a safe investment!
Its advantage: more than the currency, it is at first a physical good which has value to exist contrary to a virtual "scrap of paper". Lastly and when everything goes badly, real estate property gets back to its basic use: accommodate owner or tenant.
The second advantage: if the acquired real property was chosen on quality criteria, e.g. located in a good district (schools, trade, etc.), its value should better resist the possible decline of the market, more than any other property badly located, of inferior quality or with defects. In a period of inflation, the best locations are often the first ones to value.


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Project under construction

Invest in new projects, in sectors where request of properties for rent is important.